Online trick training!

Fancy teaching your dog some fun tricks from the comfort of your own home?  Tricks are great mental and physical exercise for your dog and are so much fun! Really good for building a bond between you and your dog too.

Through a members only Facebook group, this course will use video breakdowns  of each trick to explain how to teach them step by step. 

You can post videos of your own progress for feedback and troubleshooting.

Just £30 per course!

Next intake for all levels starting in January

Email to book.

5 Courses to work through


From beginner to advanced trick training, everything will be broken down clearly. You can ask questions and upload your videos for feedback so you are confident every step of the way.

Learn at your own pace


Work on 1 or 2 tricks a week, 

each course has 8 to 10 tricks to master. Each course will be active for 3 months, plenty of time to get feedback!



Certificate & rosette for everyone who passes the course! 

For levels 1&2 this means achieving 8 out of the 10 tricks and for levels 3,4&5 this means achieving 6 out of the 8 tricks as they are much harder! 

some examples...

Level 1

Introductory course including explanation of how dogs learn & training methods used. This will be the best starting point for most dogs, but you can opt to start at a higher level if you have some experience of trick training.

The tricks covered will be,

1. Paw / high five

2. Nose target

3. Target stick

4. Paw target

5. Roll over

6. Bow

7. Peekaboo

8. Twist & turn

9. Paws up

10. Go round me / an object

level 2

This is progression from level 1 but it may be a starting point for more experienced dogs. More complicated behaviours involved!


1. Leg weave

2. Hide

3. Walk backwards

4. Play dead

5. Guilty

6. Pray

7. Crawl

8. Pivot spin

9. Kiss / Tell me a secret

10. Spin & back up through legs

Level 3

These tricks require a higher level of training skill and often more than one behaviour at once!


1. Put toys away

2. Hug you

3. Jump through arms

4. Open & close a door

5. Handstand

6. Beg

7. Back leg lifts (peeing trick)

8. Sleepy

Level 4

These are more complex tricks, often involving many behaviours at once or more advanced thinking.


1. Backwards leg weave

2. Crawl backwards

3. Jump on your back

4. Dusting

5. Paw cross

6. Hide your face

7. Hug a toy

8. Roll up in a blanket

level 5

The final challenge!

1. Nod your head

2. Side leg raises

3. Find my legs

4. Ring stacking

5. Limp

6. Cover yourself

7. Slow paw

8. Round backwards

Finale - Housework angel


Not every trick suits every dog. For example, if you have a Great Dane you might not want to teach them to jump on your back! If there is a physical reason why a certain trick is not suitable for your dog then we can easily work out an alternative :o)