Dog treat Recipes

Fish cake


Large tin of Pilchards
 in tomato sauce 400g

Large tin of Tuna 200g

8oz of Plain Flour or oats
2 Eggs

Liver cake


Large pack of Pigs liver (any will do but Pig seems to blend the best) 

Kidney and heart if you have some!

4ozs Plain Flour or oats
2 Eggs

Chicken & carrot cake


2 chicken fillets  
one carrot chopped

6ozs Plain Flour or oats
2 Eggs    

Cooking instructions

You need a good strong blender! Blend all the ingredients (fresh garlic and turmeric can also be added to any of the above), flour / oats quantities are approximate, mixture should be a thick paste. 

Cook on a low heat 100-150 degrees for an hour or until cake is solid. Once baked it will last in the fridge for 3 or 4 days but any extra can be frozen.

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