"Our rescue dog Jimmy - an 8 month old X breed - had been bullied by other dogs for all his short life and when we took him for a walk he tried to attack any dog he saw as he was frightened and expected to be set upon himself. It was so bad that our family couldn’t bring their dogs over to visit as he went berserk when he saw them.Thinking all trainers were basically the same we took him to see one who did more harm than good by trying to beat the aggression out of him.  We left half way through the session. Then we found Nicola. Her gentle and patient approach based on co-operation took time, but Jimmy changed dramatically into a happy little dog who loves to play with other dogs.  We went on to do trick classes, agility and now more advanced basic training as Nicola makes the classes so much fun.  We can’t thank her enough."

Trisha & Jimmy



"I used lucky dog training when I took on my rescue dog Doris. Nicola and her team were very welcoming and full of helpful hints on how to help Doris fit into our family. We got a chance to do obedience classes and agility classes and both were so much fun as well as great environments for learning (for Doris and myself!) 
Lucky dog training are definitely my go to place for any help with training and a place to have fun with my dog :) "

Sarah & Doris



I first met Nicola at Lucky Dog Training when Ayla was around 8/9 mths old. I had taken her to puppy classes elsewhere, but wasn't happy with the direction we were going. We were looking for something different and we found Nicola and Lucky dog training. We were lucky to find them!    

Ayla was a very nervous dog, but Nicola took time to get to know her, but in a very positive way. Never pushing past her threshold, and gained her trust in no time.

She made training fun for both of us and managed to build Ayla's confidence each week.

We then progressed to Agilty. Ayla was very wary of the equipment at first, but Nicola was very empathic and patient with Ayla and her confidence grew and grew.

She LOVES it now!

Thank you Nicola for showing us a different way of training.

The positive way. 

The fun way.

Working with my dog and not against her.

Julia & Ayla



"My ex-rescue terrier has come on in leaps and bounds (pun intended! ) since attending Lucky Dog Training classes. He had a really bad start in life, the consequence being his fear of other dogs and humans entering his personal space uninvited amongst other behaviours. I have never owned a dog who displayed fear aggression and tried different styles of training including aversive methods which actually made my dogs aggression worse as it increased his levels of fear causing him to become more aggressive in order to defend himself.  

Lucky Dog Training uses only positive training methods and the change in my dog's attitude is remarkable. He has learned to meet and greet other dogs properly and is much more friendly towards humans. This change has been achieved by using praise and reward in a safe and secure environment. Every time I think my dog has gone as far as he can with his training, Lucky Dog Training suggests something else that pushes him to higher levels of achievement. I cannot praise this Training School highly enough and if my dog could speak I know he would agree."

Marion & Sid



"I took Alfie my golden retriever pup to puppy agility classes last year when I still lived in Essex. I was so impressed with Nicola's classes, balanced perfectly with snippets of information explaining why you do things (clearly and concisely) and practical tasks to suit every dogs ability.. I could not fault the way the classes were run at all. The puppy agility course gave Alfie excellent spacial awareness and control of his body and giving him new things to learn on top of his obedience which I think helped to occupy his mind. Unfortunately I moved away from the area so was unable to continue the classes, I have still not found a class that I feel comes up to the standard of Nicola's. Highly recommended. Alfie and I both miss the classes! "Emma & Alfie



"Our 7 month old Collie X has come on leaps and bounds since joining Lucky Dog Puppy Agility. We look forward to the classes every week as they are well planned, progressive and lots of fun! Poppy has benefited from Nicola’s endless enthusiasm and patience as well as the small class sizes. The agility training has also helped improve Poppy’s overall obedience so we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lucky Dog Training to anyone."

Helen & Poppy