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Equipment - what should we walk our dogs in?

There are many options available and the choice can sometimes be daunting! Some of the collars and harnesses can cause pain and distress to some dogs so the choice is a very important one.

For training a dog to walk on a loose lead, a normal fixed collar works well, this means a collar with a buckle or clip and no chain. However, if you allow your dog to pull on their collar when you are out for your daily walk then you will undo a lot of your good work in training. In these instances where you need to walk but not train, another piece of equipment is often helpful in managing the pulling so that bad habits do not get worse. Head halters or front clip body harnesses can be the best tools for this. It is much harder for the dog to pull in these so in effect they are prevented from pulling, they still need training however to learn to choose to walk nicely. 


A  front clip harness is our first choice for most dogs as they are usually easy for dogs to accept, are kind on the body and can really help with pulling habits.  

Both the Perfect Fit Harness, and the Mekuti harness are great options.

Yellow Dog UK - Some dogs need space

This project was created to raise awareness of dogs who need space from other dogs or people. This may be because of ill health or temperament. We fully support giving all other dogs space, especially those under a lead or displaying a yellow dog bandana. If you would like to know more about this please click here.


Good nutrition is very important. Not only does it improve your dogs health and lifespan, it can have a big impact upon their behaviour. Dogs fed on a natural diet have often been found to be calmer, easier to train and more pleasurable to live with! 

We are happy to say that our partners Battlesbridge Mills Pet & Garden centre are specialists in high quality natural canine foods, they are very happy to advise on what would be best for your dog.

Dogs and the law

As a dog owner it is vital that you educate yourself on your legal rights and responsibilities.  The Kennel Club provides a quick overview which can be found here.