Online practical obedience training

Easy to follow step-by-step training, from the comfort of your own home!

Training will take place through a private Facebook group where you will find demonstration videos of each of the exercises broken down.

You will also be able to ask questions and advice on the specific topics covered.

1. Skillstars Core programme

5 core modules covering the main key skills we would like our pet dogs to have. You can take the modules individually or book the whole course. 

You will get 6 weeks of access to each online module.

Costs are £15 per module or £50 for all 5 booked together.

Course details below.

2. Skillstars Pro club

An ongoing monthly club for more experienced dogs who have already mastered the core skills above. 

Cost is £12 per month.

Course details below.

skillstars Core programme


Module 1 - Focus on you

In this module we will cover eye contact and attention, teaching the dog to offer you their attention and respond quickly when you ask for it.

We will also look at training this around distractions!

Module 2 - Bed / Stay training

This is a very important behaviour for puppies and older dogs alike, it helps teach calm settled behaviour in the house amongst a lot of other benefits. We will look at teaching the dog to want to go to their crate or bed and going there when you ask. Then we will look at staying and how we can train this around distractions too!

Module 3- Recall

Another incredibly important skill, especially if you allow your dog off lead on walks. We will talk about building enthusiasm for recall and how to train around distractions that can compete with your dogs desire to come back!

Module 4 - Self control / leave it

This is a potentially life saving one! It is so important that dogs learn not to take things that aren't given to them, even if you aren't around to tell them. We will also cover other common self control issues such as jumping up.

Module 5 - Calm walking

Most dogs do not naturally walk nicely on a lead, we have to teach them. And it can be a challenge! We will cover exercises to teach the dogs a good walking position and different games to play increase connection and reduce pulling. 

You will get 6 weeks of access to each online module.

Costs are £15 per module or £50 for all 5 booked together.

Skillstars pro club

This will be an ongoing monthly club for those dogs completing the Core programme or for more experienced dogs to go straight into. One new exercise will be given each week and a wide variety of areas and fun games will be included! 

The types of skills covered...

  • Retrieving 
  • Distance work
  • Improving verbal cues
  • Emergency stops
  • Scent games, find my keys etc
  • Heel positions 
  • Advanced self control exercises, 
  • Anti chasing games
  • Recall challenges!

Cost will be £12 per month.