In the summer months (April - September) classes and 121s take place in the weekdays and weekday evenings. In the winter months (October - March), classes are held in the weekdays and on Sundays.


Obedience classes

Foundation classes are for young pups and adult dogs that need foundation obedience and life skills. Improver classes are the progression for dogs who have completed the foundation course.

Foundation classes

Sundays 12.30pm - spaces available

Obedience 121s also available.


Whether you are looking to try agility just for fun, if you are looking to eventually compete, or if you already do compete, I have a variety of classes to suit you. Please get in touch to let me know what you are looking for so I can point you towards an appropriate group.

Young dog classes

Suitable for dogs 6 months and up, low impact skills training to prepare them for starting agility.

  • Thursday 5.30pm - 1 space available, 

Beginner classes

  • Thursday 11.30am - Full
  • Thursday 6.30pm - Full
  • Sunday 9am - One space available
  • Sunday 10am - Full

Experienced classes

  • Tuesday 3.30pm - currently full
  • Thursday 10.30am - 1 space available
  • Thursday 7.30pm - FULL
  • Sunday 11am - FULL

Tricks classes

Tricks are a fun way to bond with your dogs while exercising their brains and bodies!

Some Saturday tricks workshops are occasionally available  (check out the workshops page) along with the online Trick Stars programme :o)

121 training

I offer 121 training for general obedience & agility in addition to home visits (location dependent) for puppies. Please enquire for details.

How to book

Download the registration from the home page and email it to along with details of which class you are interested in. If you would like to book a 121 then please just email some details of what you are looking to work on.