Obedience classes

Obedience / puppy group classes are not currently running. Obedience 121s at the training site in Goldhanger and Puppy 121s in your home are available though.  Please enquire for details and check out the puppy consultations page.

The Skillstars online training programme covers all the foundation obedience content from group classes, check that out here



Whether you are looking to try agility just for fun, if you are looking to eventually compete, or if you already do compete, I have a variety of classes to suit you. Please get in touch to let me know what you are looking for so I can point you towards an appropriate group. 

I run small groups, this is very unusual! I have 3 or 4 dogs maximum in a group so spaces do not often come up, but if you see classes are full then please get in touch to go on the waiting list. I often start new classes too where there is demand.

Agility 121 training is also available and is a popular choice!

Young dog classes
Suitable for dogs 6 months and up, low impact skills training to prepare them for starting agility. 

Saturday 10.30am - full

Sunday 12.30pm - full

Wednesday 5.30pm - starting soon, spaces available

Beginner classes

Tuesday 12.30pm - Full

Wednesday 6.30pm - Full

Thursday 10am - Full

Thursday 11am - Full

Thursday 12pm - Full

Saturday 11.30am - Full

Sunday 10am - Full

Experienced classes

Thursday 9am - 2 spaces available

Saturday  9.30am -  full

Sunday 11am  - Full

Sunday 1.30pm - Full

Sunday 2.30pm - Full


121 training

I offer 121 training for general obedience & agility in addition to home visits (location dependent) for puppies. Please enquire for details.

How to book

Download the registration from the home page and email it to along with details of which class you are interested in. If you would like to book a 121 then please just email some details of what you are looking to work on.