About LDT

Who I am

My name is Nicola and I started Lucky Dog Training 5 years ago. In that time I  have worked with hundreds of dogs and I have really enjoyed helping each dog progress and have fun.

My early work was in teaching puppy classes, practical obedience skills and tricks which I still enjoy. With the arrival of my 3rd dog though I became more and more passionate about training for agility and this is where most of my focus now is. My girl now competes at Grade 7 and I enjoy teaching others in agility both competitively and just for fun.

What I believe in

Training that is positive, progressive and force free! 

All training you do should be fun for you and your dog.

I want to help everyone progess forwards, whatever their goals may be.

Why choose Lucky Dog Training

I always keep class numbers small

Obedience classes are designed around the skills you actually need your dog to have

I have a full competition set of top quality agility equipment and fenced training areas

I invest a lot of time and energy in developing my own training and handling skills so that I can help clients do the same.